Saturday, August 15, 2009

Mara's first day of school

Mara had her first day of school on the 6th. She was so excited. Tim is off early on thursdays so he was able to come with us. The kindergarden classes met in the gym and she went right over to sit with her class and had no fears at all about it. It made me feel really old, and she was just so cute with her backpack.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Big day!

Today was Mara's first day of kindergarden. She was so cute!! We dropped her off and then went home and I took a shower to get ready for my appointment this afternoon, and my water broke! So I am at the hospital right now just hanging out til our little guy arrives. I'll get pics of Mara's first day and the baby soon!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

And today isn't any better...

Woke up at 2 am to go to the bathroom and couldn't go back to sleep. Got the kids breakfast and stayed upstairs, so of course they came downstairs. I didn't think there was anything they could get into but somehow Asher found a bottle of purple nail polish and dumped the entire bottle, which was full, all over my floor. That's not coming out. So today is starting off with a bang, too. Mara starts school tomorrow. My stomach hurts really bad on one side, like it is stretching. It feels like it is about to split open. And I am still pregnant. With no end in sight. It's not even 11 yet.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

What a crappy day

Ugggggghhhh. So this morning while I was downstairs the little monkeys got into some rice krispies. This was purely for fun, since I had already given them both breakfast and neither one of them had eaten that. They took the whole box, about 3/4of the way full, and dumped it all over the living room and on the couch. I took them to the park for lunch and when we came home I gave them a popsicle and started to clean the kitchen. I did the dishes, wiped the counters, wiped down the walls and cabinets/surfaces in the kitchen and dining room, cleaned off the table and wiped the whole thing (and the benches) down, cleaned off the fridge and stove, and swept and mopped. I also vacuumed all the cereal in the living room and out of the couch and cleaned the living room. By the time I was done with everything I had been cleaning for a little over three hours. It was time to rest so I told Mara I was going to go relax for a bit and that her and Asher should play in her room for a bit.

I go upstairs to check on them 20 or 30 minutes later and Asher had somehow gotten the bag of Doritos (which are in a locked cabinet that was still locked, so go figure) and they had eaten some and dumped a bunch in my NEWLY VACUUMED living room. So I sent them back into Mara's room to vacuum again. Finished and then told Mara I was going to go rest again because I needed to lie down.

Another 20 minutes or so later, Asher comes to me and is whining because he is all wet, and he hates being wet. I go upstairs to find out why his clothes are all wet and when I get to the top of the stairs, the kitchen is flooded. Mara says Asher was squirting the hose. I had some dishes soaking and they turned on the water and it overflowed all over the floor and I guess they were playing in it. That was about where I lost it. They went back into Mara's room, and luckily Tim came home about 5 minutes later. At least the floor was swept and mopped, so cleaning it up wasn't too bad.

Oh, and to top it all off, I am still pregnant.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

It's going to be a hectic week

I think. Mara had her kindergarden assessment on friday and she starts school on the 6th, thursday. So I had better have the baby and be out of the hospital by then, because I will be upset if I miss her first day of kindergarden. So pretty much I have to have him before tuesday. I have another appointment on thursday, which I think will be my last before they schedule my c section, which I have almost resigned to having. :( The only mild bright side to that is my parents fly back in from Hawaii on friday for their anniversary, so my mom can stay the weekend and be here with the kids while I am having him. I would still rather go tonight though. I haven't been having any contractions or anything. A lot of pressure, because he is laying right on my pelvic bone, but I need him to drop behind it. I am getting frustrated at how fine I feel. I was having more contractions when I was like 6 months than I am having now. Grr.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Almost finished

We are almost completely done moving stuff around. We have a couple of small things to take out of Mara's new room and need to get her a box spring. We got a mattress from a friend who had a mattress and the rails, but we didn't realize it had no box spring. So for now she's on the floor on just the mattress, but is still loving it. Asher is just fine in his "new" bed, which was just Mara's old full size. He needs rails for his, but he's happy too. We'll also need to get him some sheets that aren't pink, but at least he's got his superman pillow. I got his dresser moved in there today and vacuumed and moved stuff around and began the process of putting the baby's clothes into his dresser. And our room has all of our furniture, I've got the cradle set up by my side of the bed (I LOVE where it fits right into this corner, totally out of the way. We really have so much more room than we had before.) and almost everything is put away. Tim just has some stuff that needs to get moved out, like some toys and books. Tim spent the day cleaning the disaster of a playroom. And I really mean disaster. I haven't been in there in like a week for fear of falling because there was no where to walk. The kids trashed it and then we just didn't care because we knew we were getting ready to move stuff around and it was a low priority. But now it is almost clean too. Besides getting caught up on laundry and then just some normal light cleaning, I think I am totally just really ready for the baby to just GET HERE.

I have an appointment tomorrow, where I expect to find out that I am at least farther along than last week. But none of that helps and I don't really care unless I go into labor. Either way I know I'll have him by next week or so. I go to bed each night hoping to get woken up by contractions. Instead I keep getting woken up by the kids. So I haven't been getting much sleep, which has just been making me feel crappy. And the baby still keeps jamming his foot into my ribs. Good times.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Still around

Ugh. I don't really care that I haven't had the baby yet, but I just really don't want to have another c section. If I don't have him soon, then I don't have another option. So I am getting very frustrated. Everyone I know is having their babies early, and mine just don't want to come out.

Oh well. I am getting stuff done finally. Tim is out picking up a dresser right now for Asher, since the kids destroyed his and his clothes have been in the baby's dresser. We are in the process of moving our stuff to a bedroom downstairs and Mara into our room. It will be much better to separate Mara and Asher, especially since she starts school in a couple of weeks. Plus, Asher and the baby will share a room once the baby moves out of our room. I got my whole closet moved downstairs yesterday. That room has an actual real sized closet (the closets upstairs are ridiculous) so Tim finally has a place to put his clothes in the same room we sleep in. We should be ready to start moving furniture soon, we just have to get someone to help. Tim seems to think he can move it himself (it's just our dresser and bed) but I think he is underestimating their weight, he thinks I am underestimating his strength. Once it all gets done, it will be a little more organized around here (I clean SO well when I am moving stuff around)and everything I think will mostly have a place. I am also great at getting rid of things, but only when I am moving. The life of an Army brat I guess. That's when I do my purging. I don't know how to go through and organize unless it's in the process of moving. My closet looks great right now though. :)

My best friend Deb had her baby last monday, so I am excited for her. I wish I could have visited with them longer (and held the baby more) but I had my munchkins with me and I think I sufficiently scared both Deb and her husband about their future in parenting. :)

Not much else to say. Some friends of mine threw me a baby shower last weekend, which was really nice and so sweet of them, since I have never had one before. It was fun. I will have to share pictures once I get them sent to me. And just for fun, here is one taken of me last weekend, actually it was after my shower. I look huge.